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I officiate at a wedding ceremony nearly every week of the New Zealand summer months and through the winter months also.

It is my aim to make every wedding ceremony special and unique for the couple, their family and friends. Using my comprehensive wedding book, we will put together a ceremony which is unique for you both - something you will remember with joy in the years to come.

Together, we will put together a ceremony which will reflect how you feel about your marriage in words you choose with me.

Sample Reading:

In Love Forever

How can you stay in love with each other forever?
How can you make your relationship into a lifetime of sharing and joy?

In order to stay in love forever you must first find the right person to love and you both have, in each other.

In order to stay in love forever you both must understand each other
and yourselves very well
and you must be completely honest with each other at all times.

You both must have your own goals and interests
and actively pursue them
You both must have complete freedom of thought
and you must encourage each other to follow your dreams.

You must always be fair, kind and supportive of each other
You must dedicate yourselves to being equal partners in all that you feel
and in all that you do.
You must promise each other that you will always create time
to just appreciate each other and your love
and that you will never be lazy
and take your love for granted.

In order for you to stay in love with each other forever
and have a relationship that is a lifetime of sharing and loving
You must really pledge yourself to this wonderful commitment;
and you must really want to stay in love with each other forever
and I am sure you both do.

adapted from Susan Polis Schutz

Poem used with permission of Blue Mountain Arts

Apply For a Wedding Licence Online:

You can apply online if you normally live in New Zealand, or will arrive in New Zealand more that 3 working days before you get married. You can apply up to three months before the day of your marrage ceremony.

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Living overseas and returning to Ashburton* to be married?
*Including anywhere in Canterbury

Here are the steps you should take within 3 months prior to the wedding:

  1. Book me as your Celebrant and secure a Venue.
  2. Visit the following site and read about the process:
  3. If you are going to be in NZ for at least 3 days prior to your wedding, you can apply to the Christchurch or Ashburton office and have your licence processed here.

The nearest office of BDM to me is in Christchurch Phone +643 3796006 OR email with Marriage Desk in the Subject Heading. Include credit card details with the email.

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